Aaron Sonin


Biotech II (Research) Class Website
Our 2018-2019 Biotech II Research class website. I was in team 4.
Research Paper & Poster
Our research paper and poster from Biotech II Research. We performed cell culture research on the effects of an essential oil called Sanicle on the proliferation rate of mouse squamous skin cell carcinoma in vitro. It's pretty interesting, you should take a peek.


An x86 operating system created from scratch. It doesn't do too much yet, but it's got all sorts of fun low-level assembly and C. It can (kinda) run executables, runs in 32-bit-protected mode, and has basic paging, syscalls, and memory allocation management.
A work-in-progress "game" where you can program virtual robots in assembly. It's made in C++, and right now there's an assembler and virtual CPU emulator, which can interface with virtual hardware and memory. It's pretty neat, you should check it out.
Probably one of my biggest codebases - it's a Minecraft-like voxel game that was made completely from scratch in Java and OpenGL. It supports multiplayer over the network, dedicated servers, and at some point I was working on infinite worlds but abandoned that after I moved on to other projects.
My GitHub page
Many of my side projects are hosted here. Some of them were never fully brought to fruition, and some of them I may have spent too much time on.